Baby it’s cold outside: stay warm and stylish with Barada’s winter ideas

As temperatures drop, we are just having more and more fun when styling our warmest looks.Because it is always nice to give your wardrobe a facelift, but this year that is turning into a rather pleasant experience given the variety of styles the season has brought us. Furthermore, we can say that we are probably living one of the most creative fashion eras in a long time: where zeitgeist (or the spirit of the time) meets well re-enacted revivals (bringing back the 70s) and the celebration of the independent woman with a taste for a pragmatic yet meticulously crafted luxurious design.

For us, it is highly important to stay up to date with the most current trends, and that is why we are bringing you some style ideas for this season.


You think you are not quite a winter person? You might think twice…

Think of layering soft cashmere garments, wrapping yourself in chunky scarves and wearing statement boots with contrast knee-high socks: a perfect winter look to combine with the perfect Barada bag. Be that a purse, a clutch, a handbag or a maxi-tote… we’ve got you all bag lovers covered.


Get to know some of our star bags of the season, you are going to want them

So what is in this year? Lots of energizing colours such as red and green, cozy textures, a modern touch, the new feminine and some unexpected encounters finding harmony in leather. While we know that you are aware of the perks of picking a good old basic handbag in black or brown, we really think you should consider going for red or burgundy this year for an impressive change in your daily looks. Why not trying a handbag in one of those colours? The results will simply amaze you.barada3And for those times when you feel like you want to go for timeless elegance but on the other hand, you can’t help but falling for a season trend, Barada’s luxurious graphic leather bags come to your rescue.

Care to pull out some metallic details in the festive spirit of the season? Lady Rowena is a creation in lambskin that will make you sparkle. Available in gold and silver, this clutch bag in fantasy engraved leather is designed to be worn during your most special occasions. Think of a perfect velvet night; while the sumptuous fabric is the queen of hearts this season, a high shine can be the perfect companion for a soft balanced look. A trend you won’t want to overlook.

barada4Dreaming of a reptile makeover of a classic all-time great? Surya is your go-to pattern this year. For those days when you are feeling fancy or you just want to upgrade a minimalist look such as a merino sweater-boyfriend jeans-stiletto combo, or even a flared pant based look (very seventies, very en vogue), Surya is there to add some instant glamour factor to your look.

Skin to skin style is also quite a thing this year. After the long gone summer days of tribal charm, the ethnic trend is now evolving into more weather-adjusted eskimo inspired designs on sheepskin. Napea is our furry favourite: soft lines and powerful colors make this cozy creation a real fashion statement. Try to combine this bag with jacquard textures in your clothing for more dramatic results.

barada5We hope that our styling ideas inspired you to find the ultimate look of the season.

Stay warm and look good with your Barada, the bag of your dreams came true.

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