Give your wardrobe a style update with Barada’s fresh spring arrivals


Barada’s new style ideas for the upcoming spring summer 2016 can’t be more attractive.

Inspiring designs with a modern twist, bold colors in a matte finish, unique details and Barada’s usual sophisticate note define our new collection.

Flagship creations such as Amatista, Dama Blanca or Lady Rowena have been revamped for the warmer seasons in two different and irresistible styles: a bag in extra soft leather available in the loveliest hues and its shiny patterned counterpart in gold, silver, and rosé gold finish for a dazzling effect.

Dama Blanca

You can’t go wrong with our new matte version of classics such as Moira, Morgana and Lady Nada. These collections are available in a playful palette of primary colors, pastels sweeter than a box of macarons and the trendiest shades of the season: whitest white, mint and lavender.


Because it is all about the color, but also about the design, Nefeles comes now in all sorts of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose from a wide range of lines including the most creative designs, such as our handbag model with oversize strap with maxi buttons for a playful effect.

Breena is our take on contemporary elegance. This collection on ultra-matte skin also comes in a cute mini backpack version for the fashionista lady in you. Hera follows close, as this unique creation integrates Barada’s geometric logo design on skin for a sensual effect.

Faye is also absolutely irresistible in hues such as cassis and cadmium orange. This elegant design in patent leather sets a trend that we can also enjoy in Lily, where luxurious details such as metal chains and matching leather tassels, and a sumptuous patent leather are combined to perfection

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Besides these sunshine-inspired collections, Barada also unveils a new and surprising addition: Gea, our new core collection.

This colorful design is pure poetry on skin available in 5 different styles to accommodate the needs and tastes of every single personality, including two different shoppers, a pouch, a bucket-shaped handbag and a mini shoulder tote.

Gea’s trademark multicolored pattern matches perfectly with the Klein blue straps and leather details that finish these bags.

Get ready to feel immediately sun-kissed by the light and happiness captured in Gea, a bag that activates your senses and your imagination by making you play around creating different looks. Think of a total white summer look that reinforces the colorful nature of Gea, or maybe you just feel like matching some of its main colors? The possibilities are infinite.

Barada Luxury’s compromise to create outstanding design pieces is all about the quality of carefully handcrafted leather goods.


It comes as no surprise that Barada’s high quality manufactures and unique designs have been bestowed with a Golden Thimble design award.

All of our products are manufactured in Ubrique (Spain) by highly skilled leather artisans working under the most rigorous quality standards to offer you the best quality possible. Such craftsmanship and the nature of our exceptional leather stand out in each of Barada’s bags.

Stay ahead of the summer season and treat yourself now to the luxury of a perfect handbag by Barada.

Barada Luxury wants to be your Valentine… discover our most romantic leather bags to fall in love with

That familiar feeling… love at the first sight. We all have been there; it is so easy for us to remember the second we fell in love that it seems like it was yesterday when we felt Cupid’s arrow going through our beating hearts after that first shared glance, and all what came afterwards.


When we look back in time to remember our first experiences together, we still get as excited as we felt when they happenned. Sometimes, these memories can easily be recalled through our senses: the smell of their perfume, the sound of that song, or the touch of a very meaningful object can easily refresh some of the most important memories of our lives.

Giving your loved one something special is a wonderful way to make them feel unique. There is no better way to say the magic words than taking them by surprise with a carefully handcrafted gift on Valentine’s day.


Chocolate is delicious and flowers are timeless, but a reliable high-quality leather handbag is probable as iconic while also more useful and it also lasts for ages.
Since we carry some of our most important belongings in our bags, these are of big importance to us in our daily life. A bag is an investment in style and a perfect choice for a gift for your other half. They will enjoy their Barada Bags so much throughout the day that they won’t be able to forget such nice gesture.

We at Barada want to help you out with our ideas for a perfect gift; either if you are the one giving them or the one making a wish list. Let our colors inspire you…

Rose quartz has never been so in as it is this season. The color of old princess girls and now also of modern successful women who like their fashion accessories updated. Especially for this women, Barada recommend Nayades, made of lambskin and finished in metallic pale pink for those ladies with a refined sense of fashion. Also for them are pretty suitable designs such as Astrea, distinguished by its snake skin effect and available in bright and fun colors such as green, orange, Klein blue or nude pink.

Since red seems to be the winner color in the realm of love and passion, we’d like to suggest a bowling Atenea, a cow leather bag with a crocodile finishing. This irresistible creation is the perfect ally for those who love you as much as hey love fashion combined with perfect little details.


For those who cannot resist a good old classic but still enjoy a touch of modern, our versatile maxi tote Alexa is a perfect choice. Made of high-quality cow leather with antelope skin finish, this spacious bag is available in black, natural leather, bottle green and plum and closes with a firm magnetic clasp for a sharp effect.

A taste for pure luxury can be a shared experience for two, so why not giving your significant other a little bit of your love?

We haven’t forgotten about him: Barada has a great selection of high-quality leather bags and cases for men. Our creations are manufactured using the finest quality cowhide and are styled with a masculine engraved finish on luscious leather. These practical bags are suitable for his daily life’s needs: our masculine style crossbody bags are perfect for keeping all of his documents and valuable items secure and handy while also making him look elegant and professional.

For the lovers of the big little pleasures of everyday life, Barada has lavish cigar cases in structured hard leather in different sizes and styles to accommodate his needs.


Barada makes it easy for you to celebrate your love with the best gift ideas for Valentine’s day. Because a little gesture is always very appreciated, but a Barada Luxury bag is certainly unforgettable.

This Valentine’s Day show them all your love with Barada Luxury

Are you a dreamer? Introducing… An exciting year full of bright opportunities


There is nothing like the feeling of a clean start… Starting the pages of a blank diary -or a fresh new year- to fill with plenty of style stories.
Barada really love beginnings and all the magic and dreaming that this moment entails, and that is why we are introducing you our ideas for a year of pure inspiration and real beauty for this sweet (two thousand) sixteen.

Are you ready to live the dream?

It’s time for renewal. The new year implies transformation, a change of discourse and feeling the real you as you have never done before.
What are you waiting for to experience all this revelations? Barada invites you to discover how to enter all happy and lucky this new era with our chicest handbags and style ideas for the year 2016.

Colour yourself in


Following Pantone´s yearly advise, we are getting ourselves a color update to live by with their very own color for 2016: a hushed pink-to-blue dégradé to daydream of.
This pastel trend will be present this year in some Barada creations such as Nayades. This lovely cross-body clutch comes in pink to soften up the coldness of the winter, and it’s also available in gold and silver colours for the futurist in you. Nayade’s metallic finishing and soft finish will add that “It-touch” to your winter looks that will make them hard to forget.

Feeling like an ice lady?

Just combine your Nayades with some fur for an extra wintery look.
Want to have fun with scarves? Count us in! We can’t resist the soft fluffiness of an XL merino scarf or a cozy poncho with a Nefeles handbag, one of our latest super furry creations handcrafted in Mongolian goat hair for your tactile delight.
Nefeles comes in colour black in two practical shapes: a double-handle shopping bag for your busy days and a versatile shoulder bag, also available in red for all the fashionistas out there who are already dreaming of the winter fashion dates ahead.
Bonus extra tip: add a wool headband for some extra warmth and a hint of cool to your look.

Hers… and his


To start off the year with the right foot, he could also use some luxury to remind him that every day is full of possibilities.
Nothing says “have a nice day full of success” better than a good old briefcase. The delicate touch of high quality leather is not just a mere pleasure for its owner, but also a sign of elegance and professional approach in any situation.
Our document briefcases are available in two shades of plain calfskin leather and four different sizes ranging from one to three compartments, adapting to every man’s needs and preferences.
Furthermore, all Barada leather goods are meticulously handcrafted in Europe using only high quality leather.

Pamper yourself in luxury and elegance and start off the year in the best way possible.

May your dreams come true this new year. We wish you a very lucky one

Baby it’s cold outside: stay warm and stylish with Barada’s winter ideas

As temperatures drop, we are just having more and more fun when styling our warmest looks.Because it is always nice to give your wardrobe a facelift, but this year that is turning into a rather pleasant experience given the variety of styles the season has brought us. Furthermore, we can say that we are probably living one of the most creative fashion eras in a long time: where zeitgeist (or the spirit of the time) meets well re-enacted revivals (bringing back the 70s) and the celebration of the independent woman with a taste for a pragmatic yet meticulously crafted luxurious design.

For us, it is highly important to stay up to date with the most current trends, and that is why we are bringing you some style ideas for this season.


You think you are not quite a winter person? You might think twice…

Think of layering soft cashmere garments, wrapping yourself in chunky scarves and wearing statement boots with contrast knee-high socks: a perfect winter look to combine with the perfect Barada bag. Be that a purse, a clutch, a handbag or a maxi-tote… we’ve got you all bag lovers covered.


Get to know some of our star bags of the season, you are going to want them

So what is in this year? Lots of energizing colours such as red and green, cozy textures, a modern touch, the new feminine and some unexpected encounters finding harmony in leather. While we know that you are aware of the perks of picking a good old basic handbag in black or brown, we really think you should consider going for red or burgundy this year for an impressive change in your daily looks. Why not trying a handbag in one of those colours? The results will simply amaze you.barada3And for those times when you feel like you want to go for timeless elegance but on the other hand, you can’t help but falling for a season trend, Barada’s luxurious graphic leather bags come to your rescue.

Care to pull out some metallic details in the festive spirit of the season? Lady Rowena is a creation in lambskin that will make you sparkle. Available in gold and silver, this clutch bag in fantasy engraved leather is designed to be worn during your most special occasions. Think of a perfect velvet night; while the sumptuous fabric is the queen of hearts this season, a high shine can be the perfect companion for a soft balanced look. A trend you won’t want to overlook.

barada4Dreaming of a reptile makeover of a classic all-time great? Surya is your go-to pattern this year. For those days when you are feeling fancy or you just want to upgrade a minimalist look such as a merino sweater-boyfriend jeans-stiletto combo, or even a flared pant based look (very seventies, very en vogue), Surya is there to add some instant glamour factor to your look.

Skin to skin style is also quite a thing this year. After the long gone summer days of tribal charm, the ethnic trend is now evolving into more weather-adjusted eskimo inspired designs on sheepskin. Napea is our furry favourite: soft lines and powerful colors make this cozy creation a real fashion statement. Try to combine this bag with jacquard textures in your clothing for more dramatic results.

barada5We hope that our styling ideas inspired you to find the ultimate look of the season.

Stay warm and look good with your Barada, the bag of your dreams came true.

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New in: Introducing Barada’s AW 2015/2016 fashion ideas

After kissing the summer goodbye, we are getting ready to make a big entrance in the realm of soft light and fallen leaves that is the autumn. We have been doing our homework long before everybody got back to the classrooms and now we are pleased to share with you all the lessons learned on the last runways of the fall 2015 shows.


Do you dream of a perfect look to get you back to work and to your daily life while making you start with the right foot? Our styling ideas for this season and

Boots are having a serious comeback. Did you miss them? We hear you. You will look simply stunning in some kneehigh riding boots paired with a Barada Itbag. Either if you are a classic girl or a fashionista, we’ve got you cover with our new lines of luxury bags: from glitter to smart businesssuitable bags, there is always a Barada to fit the occasion.

Still hooked on the color of the year? So are we. As 2015 is coming to an end, and the autumn seems like a rather good opportunity to wear this fiery shade of red, we highly encourage you to spice up your outfits with some marsala. Available in this color you will find one of our finest creations, Rocío. Realized in embossed leather and nubuck finishing, this practical handbag will totally catch your eye due to its elegance and delicate details.

Rocio-Bag-RedOrganic inspired jewelry has been constantly spotted on all the runways, from Balenciaga to Prada. This season is all about decadence and romantic elegance. It is the moment to stand out for some glam details such as lamboyantly patterned leather and golden details in your statement bag that will make you sparkle.


The next season is also about adding a touch of fur. As seen in the last fall/winter fashion shows: furry accessories are going to demand a special place in your wardrobe these months. This trend will not only make you look fabulous, but it will also give you a warm and cozy appealing during the coldest days of the year. Purses like our Napea will be good options for this irresistible winter look.

Already got lots of inspiration? Well, let us tell you that print animal purses are having a huge comeback.

Since this is a major must, we feel compelled to highlight our irrestible creations in a simil snake skin look with a bold touch of colour. This style will look amazing with any outfit, from a casual jean and tshirt ensemble to a bodycon dress for your most glamourous events.


This is Barada’s secret formula for success: designing unique bags of classic and elegant style with a twist. Whatever the occasion be, Barada understands there are many women and many circumstances, and there need to be more bags to make them feel special and elegant. Because Barada happily designs accessories for triggering your creativity and imagination when creating a look. With a luxurious addition in leather to your professional or leisure time attire, you will feel instantly glamorized and inspired, making the shorter, darker days feel warmer and nicer.