Barada: 25 años creando piezas exclusivas de piel

Barada Ubrique lleva casi 25 años trabajando en el diseño y la creación de artículos exclusivos de piel desde la capital mundial de la marroquinería, Ubrique. 

Apostar por nuestra marca es hacerlo por la artesanía y la tradición. Ponemos en valor más de 50 años de experiencia en el sector de la piel con cada uno de los artesanos que trabaja con nosotros.

Expansión y valores

Más de dos décadas suponen un largo y duro camino. Al igual que demostramos una inmensa dedicación en cada una de nuestras piezas, también lo hacemos en el cuidado de nuestro nombre y su expansión, que ya suena no solo por Europa, sino también en Asia y América

A lo largo de estos años, además de bolsos, mochilas y otros complementos en piel, hemos ido resaltando nuestros valores. Valores, que se rigen por la artesanía, la calidad, el empoderamiento y el esfuerzo. Valores, que compartimos con Ubrique, la localidad que nos ha visto nacer, desde la que seguimos trabajando para todo el mundo y de la que nos sentimos inmensamente orgullosos. 

Revistas de moda

Nuestro esfuerzo nos ha ido llevando en este tiempo a ir apareciendo en medios de comunicación y revistas de gran prestigio, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. 

Nuestros diseños han aparecido en revistas como Clara, Cosmopolitan, Diez Minutos, Glamour, Grazia, ELLE, Harper ‘s Bazaar, Mía, Mujer Hoy, Vanidad o Yo Dona. Y en medios generalistas como 20 Minutos, ABC, El Periódico, Expansión, El Norte de Castilla, La Razón, La Vanguardia, Diario de Sevilla, Diario de Cádiz, Andalucía Económica…. 

Pero hay más, mucho más. Nuestras piezas han sido protagonistas de presentaciones, alfombras rojas, inauguraciones… Son muchas las personalidades, cantantes y actrices que ya han lucido un Barada. En esta lista podemos encontrar a Ana Wagner, Beatriz de Orleans, Claudia Molina, Cristina Brondo, Macarena Gómez, Juana Acosta, Pilar Rubio, Soraya Arnelas, Osuun Yoon… Ellas forman parte ya de nuestra trayectoria e historia.

¿Y tú, quieres formar parte de Barada?

Yellow is no longer jinxed

Yellow is no jinxed anymore, a word from ON magazine. One of the key colors of this season and which will keep playing a major role in the best streetstyle looks next autumn.

If you’re one of those who still doesn’t dare to wear an striking outfit as Kim Kardashian’s, you can start by using this color in your accessories.

We show you some of our favourite models so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

¡Thanks for watching!

Summer dream x Harper’s Bazaar & Anna Codorníu

Last month Harper’s Bazaar held a big party at one of the most charming places in the capital to welcome the summer.

The event was attended by numerous well-known faces from the fashion, stardom and cultural industries. Among the guests the actress Laia Alemany, who chose a long black dress combined with a black clutch with metallic shapes to match the jewelry.

Thank you very much Laia for wearing our brand once again!

Summer yellow

In 2018 we have left superstitions and bad luck behind to turn yellow into the main colour of the year. If you thought this color was only suitable for your summer looks, the catwalk tells us that we will be wearing it for the whole next autumn/winter season. A colour that has gradually taken over from pink millennial, not only in clothes, but also in accessories and cosmetics.

Yellow, in its different gradients, has become a “must” in the wardrobes of the most stylish celebrities and artists. Meghan Markle, Bella Hadid, Sara Carbonero,… have given us style lessons so that we can learn to make the most of it.

The magazine El Arte de Vivir, in its 153rd issue, brings us a very special selection to fill you with inspiration.

Pilar Rubio choose a Barada Bag

The tv hostess and celebrity Pilar Rubio has chosen our shoulder bag model 322 blank for your last escape to Valencia. In the post of her blog the presenter takes us on a tour of the wonderful Mediterranean city. For this urban trip, Pilar Rubio has selected a practical and comfortable shoulder model with chain. A bag with a versatile design ideal for summer outfits.
Pilar, thanks so much to support de design and “made in Spain”.

Barada in MÍA Magazine

Mía Magazine shows us the latest trends every week. In the second issue of June you can find different looks to match with your midi skirt. If you see the fringes and stripes as an impossible love, you are wrong. Combine these two pieces with a T-shirt with a positive message.

Thanks to all the magazine team for sharing our bags:)
Bolso bandolera: Style 335

Have a nice day!


The new issue of Vanidad magazine is now on the street and brings us a wonderful interview of Alejandro Bernd with the singer Brisa Fenoy.

If you want to get to know her better (she has yet to release her debut album), don’t miss this article which includes an editorial with stylist Carmen Bena and photographed by Noah Pharrell.

Thank you for standing by our side once again….

Bolso: Dasha collection –

See you soon!


After a week of rainy days, wet streets, umbrellas and raincoats, it is almost impossible not fall into the routine at the time of dressing. So, every morning we end up resorting to the same basics, the same boring and unfunny garments, mimicking the gray atmosphere of these days.

Therefore, as we do not want you to lose your style because of the rain, we bring you some proposals for comfortable and flattering looks to successfully overcome your days.

Bandolera amarilla Barada
Bolso azul Barada
Bolso negro Barada
Bowling rojo Barada

We hope you love them as much as we do!



February edition of CLARA magazine brings us a very good idea for giving a different style to our Morgana collection, with a classic style and neutral tones. Following the trends for next spring, we propose letting your imagination fly and knot a printed handkerchief around the handle of the bag, or hanging on one side. Looking for this contrast, we get to update a garment full of personality and bring elegance and romance to any of our looks.

Revista Clara Febrero
Shoulder Bag Morgana

¡See you soon!

Ready to dive into an amazing new adventure?


When we go on a trip, we´re looking for comfort and versatility in our clothes and accessories. The Dasha collection of Barada is designed for those days in which you need a functional bag, to keep up the pace of your non stop day and night rhythm, with a careful design and quality.
Without a doubt, the best to keep all your accessories, souvenirs …

Dive into the adventure to discover your own destiny!

Have a nice day! 😉



We loved sharing our last press appearances with you. In this case, Divinity magazine showcases Barada with a sexy and casual look. The publication gives us a taste of some of the great trends for autumn: THE MINI·BAGS! Divinity chooses to complete the outfit with one of our favorite #minibags, in red with a gold chain. This bag is the perfect addition to any office look or a fun night out.
Thanks @divinity_es!

Have a nice week!

The Future is Now!!


Shiny fabrics and sparkling accessories are all the rage this season. There is no need to save your flashy fashion statements until nighttime. They are this seasons hottest trend and they’re taking the world by storm. This trend can be easily transitioned from day to night. Barada bags are perfect for the girl looking to add a special touch to a basic outfit. Metallics instantly transform an outfit from dull to chic and sexy. Barada bags will add that needed pizzazz to any summer or fall outfit. This trend can be seen from the catwalks to the streets. Don’t wait for the future to pass you by!!

Happy tuesday!!