The Future is Now!!


Shiny fabrics and sparkling accessories are all the rage this season. There is no need to save your flashy fashion statements until nighttime. They are this seasons hottest trend and they’re taking the world by storm. This trend can be easily transitioned from day to night. Barada bags are perfect for the girl looking to add a special touch to a basic outfit. Metallics instantly transform an outfit from dull to chic and sexy. Barada bags will add that needed pizzazz to any summer or fall outfit. This trend can be seen from the catwalks to the streets. Don’t wait for the future to pass you by!!

Happy tuesday!!

Barada Luxury, a must on photocall

These last weeks Madrid’s nightlife has been full of celebrations and events full of glamor. Luxury Barada has been a featured guest on many of these unmissable and has landed in the hands of the most sophisticated actresses under the watchful foci of photocall. We leave you with some of these looks and wonderful ambassadors.

Ana Arias + Fiesta Shweppes + Barada Luxury

Ana Arias attends Schweppes party.

Ana Arias + Barada Luxury

Ana Arias attends Yo Dona dinner.

Cecilia Gessa + Barada Luxury

Cecilia Gessa attends “Nuestros Amantes” premiere.

Michelle Calvo + Barada Luxury

Michelle Calvó attends  Magnum Event.

Montse Pla + Barada Luxury

Montse Pla attends  LifeStyle de La Razón awards.

Montse Pla + Barada Luxury

Montse Pla attends Magnum Event.

Montse Pla + Barada Luxury

Montse Pla attends Schweppes event.

ErikaBleda + Barada Luxury + PrettyRumour

Erika Bleda attends “Mi panadería en Brooklyn” premiére.