We are a 100% Spanish brand devoted to craftsmanship and tradition, producing leather goods for women and men. We take pride in over 50 years of experience in leather work and praise the name and history of Ubrique, a town in Cádiz known worldwide for its leather industry. Our creations are living proof that craftsmanship and tradition can go hand in hand with trends, fashion and style.
The training, experience and passion that the leather workers confer to each design made in Ubrique are a testament to the preservation of traditional techniques developed in this area for centuries. This is also a great source of employment for the youth, bringing wealth and growth for this municipality and the province of Cádiz.
Barada is synonym with craftsmanship and quality. Our designs are made by hand by expert artisans who have been trained for years, ensuring that the tradition and unique work methods that are exclusive to this area in the province of Cádiz are well-preserved. Our pieces are made using premium quality leather, complying with all Spanish and EU legal controls and requirements.

We foster the talent, creativity and dedication of Ana María Valle, the woman at the forefront of the brand, and strive to create opportunities for women to avoid gender inequality.

We are defined by the effort, dedication and passion that goes into the details and finishes of each of our creations, and by bringing together the tradition and expertise of leather experts ('petaqueros') with the latest technology.

With extensive professional careers in the leather industry, Ana María Valle and José Manuel Naranjo are at the head of the brand.

Barada Ubrique has gained international acclaim. Our designs are present in many European countries besides Spain: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden, as well as in the UK, America (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico) and Asia (Malaysia and Kuwait).